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Archaeological puzzle - Amphora |

Archaeological puzzle - Amphora |

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Unique family game- build your own ancient pottery replica!

The Amphora Pottery Kit contains: • potsherds buried in sand; • glue (for sticking together potsherds); • paintbrush (for applying glue); • plaster (for filling in holes); • spatula (for applying plaster); • balloon (for applying plaster in some pieces); • complete instructions and a welcome to the world of archaeology by Perli Pelzig (English & Hebrew); • scroll explaining the beginnings of ancient pottery (English & Hebrew); • a museum card containing interesting information about the origin, usage, and history of your pot (English & Hebrew).

Assembled Size: 4.5" X 4.5" X 15" Box size: 28 x 23 cm (7.4" x 6")

Also included are informational scrolls (English & Hebrew) that describe the beginnings of ancient pottery as well as what archaeologists learned from your own piece of pottery: the location in which the original pot was discovered, the history and culture of the people who used it, and the pot's original function. We offers you six different pots to choose from - for your private museum- originating from the period even before the Flood, through the time of the Patriarchs, right up into the life of Jesus.

The original Amphora (on which Antika's is modeled) is on display today at the Museum of Ancient Art in Haifa. It was chosen for presentation in the United States by the Smithsonian Institution.

The Antika Pottery Kits were designed by Arik Pelzig(potter son of the famous Israeli sculptor Perli Pelzig) in order to teach children about the ancient history in a fun and hands-on way. Each piece of pottery is perfectly unique, handmade by professional potters in Hebron as replicas of authentic pieces discovered in archaeological digs around the Holy Land, then... well, broken! After all, that is how the archaeologists discover them: as mysterious, 3-dimensional puzzles.

Each kit contains the "potsherds"- archaeological jargon for the broken shards of a pot- plus all the archaeologist's tools you and your child will need to reconstruct your ancient Holy Land pot (as well as complete instructions, of course). From the moment your child begins digging for his own potsherds, he'll be using the methods used by real archaeologists to discover the history and way of life of the many peoples who resided in the Holy Land. Active learning is the best learning... and the most fun!
From the third century B.C. (the Hellenistic Period following the destruction of the First Temple, during which the Greeks occupied the Land), the Amphora jug-shaped pot is evidence of widespread trading of wine and oil conducted between all parts of the Mediterranean by Phonecian sailors. Amphoras are often discovered on the shores of Israel in the remains of ancient shipwrecks. They are large vessels (about four times the size of Antika's amphora) with two earlike handles and a conical base enabling comfortable carrying and secure storage. Their origin is thought to be found in the Aegean Islands.
3D Archaeological puzzle - Amphora |

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