We are located in Jerusalem, Israel. We were established at 2009 in order to bring the Christian world and the Holy-land atmosphere together! We are blessed to serve our customers!

Our special genuine catalog has been created with love and care, giving special attention to acquiring a diverse selection of items with symbolic and spiritual linkage to the most significant sights and Holy places of the Holy-Land.

With every purchase made from our store, a donation is given for the sake of handicapped children of all religions at  St. Vincent Home for Disabled Children, based in Jerusalem, by donating 10% from our income with love and reverence for the children, workers and volunteers of Saint Vincent's. Our customers are welcome to donate directly to St. Vincent.

Our project website has received a blessing from a Priest. We are happy to offer you the same blessing of the Spirit of the Holy Land.

We wish you with Peace and Good Health and a special Blessing from Jerusalem.

Holy Jerusalem View