The postman just delivered them to my door! Thank you for your assistance! Have a blessed day! Carissa H.


Thank you so much! We have just received it and are so excited! May God bless you, always!
Macy Smallwood.
Hello I received my order today and I wanted to send a thank you email. I am very happy with the products I have received from you especially the holy land I am very grateful to you and all who are involved in your business. May the lord yashua protect you and bless you with abundance, and may his spirit overflow within you. Much love to all, kind regards. Charlie Tayler.
t finally arrived ! :-) It looks great ! Yes - i am going to order more things from your shop. I appreciate good quality 
Travis L.W.  US
Dear Samuel,
Thank you, I have now received both of my sandals. They are beautiful and I’m getting lots of compliments on them.
I hope you are well considering, and hope for peace and justice.
Best wishes,
Annette  (Queensland, Australia)
I received my order today. It is understandable the time it took to get here with what is going on in Israel. My wife loved her belated Christmas present.
I pray that you, your family and countrymen stay safe during this perilous time.
Harvey W. (GA USA)
hi Sam, my parcel came! thank you! so much for more than i asked for especially if its been given for free that is sooo kind of you very very grateful of your kindness may god bless you! remember god is with you in these hard times... believe and have faith because god blessed Israel :) hope you stay safe and be strong:)  Ian Mc. England
Hi Samuel, I got the red Sandals today.  How do I leave a testimonial? Where I can be really honest! I just ordered red  by the picture and you sent me yellow which I never wear.  I needed red sandals to go with some outfits I had. When the mixup was apparent I waited for you to send me. The red pair  without buying another red pair in the world and now I got them by being patient.  I want to showcase how much integrity you have and when I go on the testimonials page it is not a place to leave a review so if I send it to you will you post it!
Tristan Goncalves  FL United States
Hi I just received my order and it brought tears to my eyes the extras you put in there, thank you so much you have no idea what it means to me
Nicole S.  United Kingdom
Hi Sam,
Just wanted to let you know our sandals arrived we we love them!! Thanks again, and just love the Rose of Sharron anointing oil. God bless, Melanie
PS-I will give your sandals a plug on Instagram
1/23 Melanie B. Australia
Good Day

Thank you for the beautiful gift, it really melt my heart, may the
good Lord Almighty bless you and increase you.


Mpho M.   South Africa 12/22


Our family (of 9) has shopped for our summer sandals with you for over 3 years now! Love them
Melanie B. Australia 12/22
My tear jar just arrived at my back door.  It's in perfect condition and beautiful.  Thank you so much for your effort on my behalf.  You have been so kind.  I'm so excited to show it to friends and family.  What a treasure.

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service.
My partner loves your products and couldn't thank you enough,
specially with the service we received.
She's fond of your business to be honest :)
We are hoping we can purchase more once we get back
from vacation.
Bobby Y. Sep 2022
Got them! Thank you Sam! I love the sandals!
Jay P. Aug 2022
Hi Samuel. 
Thank you so much for my holy water and gift. It’s priceless. 
Much appreciated. 
Blessings to you. 
Van   Aug 2022
Hola Sammuel..! Recibi las sandalias.. me encantaron..!! Preciosas.. muchas gracias!!!! Un abrazo

Francisco López  Aug 22/2022

Yes!!! The rest of the order arrived.  The bowl and milk jug are in perfect condition.

Worth the wait!  Shipping is difficult at this time, in this crazy world.   You did a great job. Thank you for your help.  I am very pleased with the vases. Love the products and will  highly recommend your company.  

Jan M. July 12 /2022

Hello Sam!
Today I received a parcel, and I would like to thank you very much for your help, quick delivery and for ring, ring - is great! Also, thank you a lot for gifts, that’s very kind of you! It is my pleasure!
Thank you so much once again!

Best regards,

Serge , Ukraine , June 1st 2022

Thank you so much

The sandles arrived  today !

They are lovely thanks so much

sharyn (Australia 3/2022)


Greetings in Christ Samuel,
I am writing with the blessing of St Jacob and the Saints. Amen
Thank you most kindly for my parcel arrived today- finally. And for the extra gifts. You are most kind! 😃
God bless!
In Christ,
Br Gregory🌺 (Australia 3/2022)
Hi Jerusalem Spirit-Gift store! I am always appreciate your fast delivering and well packed with extra gifts.Thank you so much again!
Noah G . Sweden 
Hi Sam

 Just to let you know that the Olive Oil has arrived successfully – thank you and thank you for the little wooden cross, it is in my desk drawer so I am close to it most of the time although I know the Lord is around us all of the time.

 Keep well and thanks again for your help


 Stephanie (Jan 22)


Dear sam,
I have received my package.
Thank you so much for the gifts. I really appreciate them!!
Irene  Singapore Nov 25 21
Godbless you
Lovely little free gift of Holy Earth too
May the Lord Eternally Bless You!
thankyou  Joolz xx  Nov 3 2021
This is Thelma L..I hope that you and family are well and that your business is open to tourists now.
Every year at this time, I want to thank you for sending the Rosary Bracelet with ALL the icons of the Divine Mercy image.   It arrived on this day 2 years ago.
God Bless You and Your Family.  You all are in my prayers.
Thelma L....          Nov 3 2021

Dear Sam,

I have received my order this noon. All in good conditions. And thank you for the bonuses

Ignatius ( Indonesia , Sep 1 2021)
Зачастую мы хотим порадовать своих близких чем-то особенным, и крайне остро это проявляется, когда наши родные далеко от нас. Что может быть более трогательным, чем частичка Святой Земли? И тут неважно христианин ли ты, верующий ли - это то особенное, что Израиль может предложить.
Мы едем в святая святых, Иерусалим, чтобы приобрести свечи, ладан, иконы, освященные землю и воду.  Но что делать, если мы далеко, если у нас нет времени, а порадовать близких все же хочется?
Мне бесконечно повезло наткнуться на "Дух Иерусалима" - https://jerusalem-spirit.com/.
Это онлайн магазин с огромным выбором товара. Там есть все: свечи, иконы, наборы, включающие святую воду и землю, масла, израильские вина, сандалии, одежда, посуда, армянская керамика и многое другое. Все ручной работы. Все пропитано любовью. И все по доступной цене. 
Но и это не самое важное. Самуэль, хозяин магазина, он и есть настоящая душа Иерусалима. Добрый, отзывчивый, человечный. Как часто мы встречаем эти качества? То, отношение, которое я получила, можно назвать только волшебным. И это не единичный случай. Я делала несколько заказов, и каждый раз Самуэль поражал меня до глубины души. Ему важно, чтобы человек почувствовал себя хорошо. Не клиент, не покупатель, а человек. Он готов сделать невозможное и прислать заказ в кратчайшие сроки. Он позвонит и удостовериться, что все в порядке. Делая заказ в Jerusalem Spirit ты знаешь, что ты в надежных руках. Самуэль живет, чтобы приносить радость. Каждый заказ несет в себе частичку его души, его особое прикосновение. Как пример, один из моих заказов содержал свечи, Самуэль решил порадовать меня и освятил их в Храме Гроба Господня. Это очень трогательный и очень внимательный жест. У Самуэля всегда есть доброе слово, пожелание, напутствие для вас. После разговора с ним чувствуешь радость и умиротворение. 
Спасибо, Самуэль! Вы одариваете не только людей, кому предназначаются товары Вашего магазина, но и тех, кто их приобретает. Спасибо Вам за радость, которую Вы приносите!
Наталья (Natali V. 8/21)
Translated from Russian: 
Often we want to please our loved ones with something special, and this is extremely acute when our relatives are far from us. What could be more touching than a piece of the Holy Land? And it doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or a believer - this is something special that Israel has to offer.
We go to the holy of holies, Jerusalem, to purchase candles, incense, icons, consecrated earth and water. But what if we are far away, if we do not have time, but still want to please our loved ones?
I was infinitely lucky to stumble upon "Jerusalem-Spirit" - https://jerusalem-spirit.com/.
This is an online store with a huge selection of goods. Everything is there: candles, icons, sets containing holy water and earth, oils, Israeli wines, sandals, clothes, dishes, Armenian ceramics and much more. All handmade. Everything is saturated with love. And all at an affordable price.
But this is not the most important thing either. Samuel, the shopkeeper, is the true soul of Jerusalem. Kind, sympathetic, humane. How often do we see these qualities? The attitude that I received can only be called magical. And this is not an isolated case. I made several orders, and each time Samuel amazed me to the core. It is important for him that the person feels good. Not a client, not a customer, but a person. He is ready to do the impossible and send the order as soon as possible. He will call and make sure everything is in order. When placing an order at Jerusalem Spirit you know that you are in good hands. Samuel lives to bring joy. Each order carries a piece of his soul, his special touch. As an example, one of my orders contained candles, Samuel decided to please me and consecrated them in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This is a very touching and very attentive gesture. Samuel always has a kind word, a wish, a parting word for you. After talking with him, you feel joy and peace.
Thank you, Samuel! You donate not only the people to whom the goods of your store are intended, but also those who purchase them. Thank you for the joy you bring!
Natalia (Natali V. 8/21)
I received my three packages today, thank you so very much.  I appreciate all the trouble you took to get them back to me! 
Thank you,
Deborah G. (8.17.2021)
Today 30.July.2021 I received the package I was looking forward to with great love. I could not help but cry with great joy and pray to God and to the Holy Mother - Thank You! Words cannot explain!
 It was beautifully packaged with great love really wonderful! 
Thank you so much for the gift ( palm cross ) so beautiful no words can explain how happy I am! 
May Good bless you and be with you always!
(Dijana. V)


Hi Sam,
I just wanted to let you know the sandals arrived today. I also received the order a while ago, but I wanted to thank you for your generosity in the larger icon and the extra items.  Thank you for providing such beautiful items.
God Bless,
Wendy (7/2021)
I received the ring. Thank you for the present. It was very emotional to have some things from Holy Land.
kind regards
Angelo Castelli

Sam- I finally received my new sandals. They are perfect! I’ll be ordering more! Thank you! Jay P. (4 /2021)

thank you...it has arrived ...and i am very well pleased!!!! (Esther Lucio)


 Ooooh Mr Samuel, I am SO HAPPY!!! I received my package! They’re BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you! Thank you so much!! 

There are more things I want to order. I just need to verify they will arrive before December? 
You made me SO HAPPY! Thank you so much 

Sincerely, Monica David  Oct 31 2020

I got my shoes today. I bought before and someone stole them. Im calling it "Happy Feet" Bless you.   

 Deb sep, 2020 


Thank you very much, my package arrived to sydney Aust today.
I love  your sandles and have been wearing them for years.
Thanks again

sharyn Moses Aug, 2020

Wanted to let you know I received my package from you.  I am very pleased with the rosewood rosary.  Thank you so much.
 Cynthia  Aug, 2020
They have arrived! They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you! 
Sincerely, Monica David , July 2020.


The coffee arrived!  Evidently, they transported it by ancient camel over the dunes of the Middle East.   Just kidding.   I'll let you know how I like it.

God bless you

In Christ Jesus: The True God and Eternal Life! 

Wells , July 2020.


Thank you so much for shipping over my order so perfectly. May God bless you and help your ministry. Please do tell me when you have more St. George oil. I would really like to purchase the roller bottle of Saint George’s oil.

Youssef Al-Sakhry
Hi Sam,
I hope all is well with you! I just wanted to let you know that the package did indeed arrive  safely :) thank you so very much, everything is beautiful! 
May God Bless you and thank you again!
Angela , July  2020


  Hi Samuel,

I hope you are well. I just received the package today. Everything went well. Thank you so much! The scent of myrrh is so wonderful! I feel I am in the Holy Land when I smell it. Very fragant oil. 
Till our next transaction and if time permits, hope to visit your store soon.
Thank you again and God Bless.
Sincerely yours,
From Philippines

The Crucifix’s look great!!  Thank you so much Sam!!

Michele K , Feb 2020


Hi Samuel,  Shalom

I am happy that this time, I was not made to pay any tax on the items, as to the first time I ordered the oils.
Thanks so much also for the gifts you have been including in all i my orders. God bless you.
Gloria Deborah A. , Feb 2020


Hi Sam! Great news!!! I received the shipment few days ago!!! The Italian customhouse remains a disaster, but we won! Thank you for all!!! Especially for your availability! Best wishes!

Rebecca , Feb 2020


I just wanted to let you know that the box arrived last week and , thankfully for all the tape wrapping on it, none of the items were damaged or lost. The box, however, was completely soaked and the post office had labeled it as "damaged upon receipt." We have had quite a few problems with the US post office this year with deliveries being rerouted to incorrect post office hubs and even refused to be delivered when special instructions were explicitly paid for. We have found that "FedEx" here is the most reliable and still puts customer service first! I am not upset with you as this came from a very distant country. You did the best you could. It's just too bad that some US companies do not care how they handle "precious cargo"! Have a wonderful, blessed day!   

Kathy T. MI US , Feb 2020


I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you, so very very much for all your attention to this order and I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation.  May you have a wonderful and blessed day today !!

Randie, Jan 2020


Hello Sam, well received. 

Thank you for the Beautiful bracelet, i love the ring.  
With best regards 
Victor, Jan 2020


Hi Sam! Great news!!! I received the shipment few days ago!!! The Italian customhouse remains a disaster, but we won! Thank you for all!!! Especially for your availability! Best wishes!

Rebecca , Jan 2020


I wanted to let you know my sister received her tear bottle and was so happy.
Thank you!
Linda Porter ,Dec. 2019


Received all my ordered items today. I wasn't expecting such fast delivery. Am vary satisfied with my order.  My order was packaged very carefully and all items arrived in excellent condition.  Thank you so much and God bless.
Ching F., Dec. 2019
Greetings in Christ Samuel,
Thank you most kindly!! My parcel arrived to me this afternoon and I am delighted with the gifts. May God bless you! Ahead with the new year, I shall place more orders from you. 
All the best ahead with the holy festivities and God bless!!
In Christ with love,
Br Gregory
Holy Orthodox Christian Missionary Brotherhood of the Saints
Sydney, Australia
Nov. 2019
I received my gift from Our Lord on Saturday and cried when I saw that each icon was the Divine Mercy image.
It was also All Souls Day and I felt my husband near to me.
Thanks so much for selecting and sending it.
God Bless You and Your Family,


Thank you so much,our package arrived this morning in the early mail.   It was perfect. My husband was so happy.   Thank you again for everything.   

Mrs.Michael(Donna) B. Oct 2 2019


I love my sandals. Very well made and perfect fit! Thank you 


Eileen M. Sep 3 2019

Dear Samuel

Just to say many thanks for the black rose incense you sent to Pius X church

I did pass on your details to our Parish priest and we got the incense on Monday

Regards Margaret , May 2019

Hi Samuel,

Thank you so much for the beautiful rosary & cross!!!!!

I think about my trip to Israel often.  I hope I will be able to return 

Thank you again!

May God richly bless you & Israel!

Ann ,May.2019

I received the replacement crucifixes Friday.  I want to thank you for the way that you handled this situation with our order.  You were gracious and very helpful in solving the problem.  We will definitely be ordering again from you and I will recommend you and your company to anyone that needs any of the items that you sell.

Thank You,

Martha L.,  May 2019

I ordered some more sandals too same...and based on last time...I think 30 days from you to me...I am super impressed with the ones I have now...I tell everybody were to buy them from...I will be a life long customer :) 

Kind regards 

Kirsty  Dec 2018

Shalom Samuel,

Thank you for responding.  Our package arrived today and everything inside was absolutely beautiful and packed with so much love.  Thank you so much!   I am very grateful to do business with you, and will again place an order,  and this time I won’t be working in a time frame.  I can’t wait to give these items for presents at Christmas.  I know they will delight my family.

Again, please forgive me and I pray that you and your business have a very blessed  year ahead full of the joy of the Lord.

Thank you and Shalom.

Konnie   UT  Dec 2018

Hello and Seasons Greetings to you and yours GOD Bless you all.

Thank you so much for the items, they are Perfect cheers and arrived in super speed in such a Season, many many thanks bro.

I was able to source a certain Magen David on eBay for $10 also from Israel Thank The Lord and I have included pictures in this email for your perusal.

dec 2018

I'm so very happy Sam 

My stuff arrived today and everything is amazing...my sandals fit perfectly :) 

Thank you so much 

Kirsty,  New Zealand Dec 2018



Confirming receipt of the lovely dish. Really pleased with it. Thank you so much.

Your careful packing made a big difference to it's safety.

Thanks again.

Kindest regards

Yvonne Dion
Sep 12, 2018 

Hello Sam,
Thank you for The sandals. Are great. 
And for lovely souvenir. For luck, i hoppe:).
Greetings from sunny Warsaw
Dagmara  7.8.18



I recived my sandals. Thay are beautyfull. Thank you for your gift.


Best regards

Nedelina (Croatia) 6.6.18

OMG I AM SO HAPPY with my  Purchase

Thank you so much. 

I will let all my friends and family know how happy I am with my purchase and  Recommend them to the website. 


Thank you so much 

God bless 

James E. June 5 2018





Thank you Sam i got my order today  May 25,2018. And also for other gifts you put in extras. Blessings  Shalom (Dora Cantu)

Dear Sam,

The sandals arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy!

I will now ship them to my daughter in the mountains of North Carolina!

Thank you so much!

Donna , May 15 2018

Greetings again. We were extremely pleased with our last order THANK YOU SO MUCH Brother, of course We simply had to place another. M.Hassan UK  5/2018

GOD Bless you all take care

Hello Sam.

Today the postman came with the package. And ther were no extra duty to pay. - Fine!

Sorry for my worrying. Thank you for this time.

Ole, Denmark  May 7 2018

Hi Folks;
Received my latest order today and was, as before, impressed with the
quality of the sandals and the promptness of service.
Thank you!!   Larry Evans May 8 2018

Thank you so much!


I just returned from Israel!


I love Israel!


These sandals were a specific request from my daughter!


Donna April 28 2018

Hello.  Just to let you know that my order arrived today. Thank you so
much!. My Mum was overcome!  It was the happiest and calmest that I'd  seen
her in months!  You are all in both our prayers tonight   Thank you!  Xx  (Rachel Nicol. April 26 18)

Thank y so much I rcv annointed oil and water🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


Very annointimg oil and water 


Kindly pray for me and my family  - Victoria S.   March 23 2018

Thank-you thank-you I received my package yesterday the Ring is beautiful and the free cross and holy land soil was a nice surprise! Is there a way I could leave a review on the site? I'm just so so pleased (Seasons Av.) March 22 2018

Dear Sam,


I apologize for my tardiness in thanking you on the shipment of Nard & the three other oils.

How kind of you to enclose the cross with earth from the Holy Land!


I know the oils will be  a hit at my presentation for Lent.


Again Sam, thank you so kindly.


Sherray                March 7 2018

Hi Sam, just wanted to let you know that I received the order. Thank you again for your assistance! I am so pleased with everything!

Gary & Susan O'connor March 2 2018

Received the crosses today. Thank you for your fast efficient service.  Pat Snyder. Feb 27 2018

Hi Sam

Thanks for the oil and gift you have sent to me. They are very well packed, thanks so much.

Kind regards

Thuy Feb 15 2018

Thank you so much they came today! Very happy with your products . The rosary is beautiful! Thank you so much  

Scott M. Feb 14 2018


Many thanks.  I received my order yesterday in good conditions.  May God bless your business. Jods (Feb 12 2018)


I received the urn today.  It is beautiful!  Thanks so much for your help in getting it to me so soon. 

I would highly recommend you to anyone, thanks again.

Chris Feb 1st, 2018

I wanted to thank so very much my candles arrived today! I loved them!
Everything was so beautiful and the extra holy earth and cross is so
beautiful and I so very much appreciate them! I look forward to placing
additional orders with you in the coming year. Many Blessings Tammy
Pen.  Jan 18 2018

Shalom Sam,

My ring arrived, it fits perfectly! I really like it! 😊

Many thanks!
Allison Régnier    Jan 7 2018

I got My Package! And Their all safe and intact! Thanks very much for securing it.


Alex      Jan 7 2018

Hi Mr. Friedman
Received package today 12/27/2017



Today the package came. I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!! They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you kindly to the craftsmans work, thank you for looking in to it for me. I am thrilled with them.. i am so excited to finally have a piece of Jerusalem. 


Wishing you an absolutely wonderful holiday. 


All the best in the new year,


Warmest and kindest regards,


Alada De.  Dec 22 2017



Received order yesterday afternoon.  Beautiful shawl and crucifix.  Thank you for the little gifts!  It was very kind of you.


Have a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and "Peace" in the coming New Year.    Debra m. Walden, NY  Dec 14 2017

Hi Sam,


I received my replacement frankincense today.  It was in GREAT shape.  


THANKS!!!! Taquita J.  12.12.17

Thanks Sam! Received the candles safe and sound and quick! Shalom! :)

 Anita V. Dec 5 2017

Dear Sir/Miss,


I have received the ritual Rambam Soap in good hands.


Thank you!


Kind Regards,


Tiny D.   Dec 5 2017

Hi Sam thank you for the order update. I received the other two parcels today. Thank you so much for your help.

I am delighted with all my purchases. Looking forward to receiving the magnet and mirror.


Thanks again, Marlyn  Nov 27 2017

I really thank You,  Sam,  to pray for me and others at West Wall.

Means so much for me.  May the Almighty Lord  bless you in everything you do and your family and your business thousand folds!

kim Nov 23 2017

I just received your water from the River Jordan and blessed my Bible my
rosary my body my parents my dog my telephone and my tablet PC the water is
incredible is fantastic you can feel the blessing of the holy spirit inside.
Thank you very much I plan to order the Jerusalem Rosary with the soil from
Jerusalem and olive wood next.

Barry Bowser   Nov 23 2017


I have just received the bowl I ordered from you recently. It was to replace a very similar bowl that I bought when I was in Israel 30 years ago and which I had broken. I am so happy to receive the replacement and I wanted to thank you very much for sending it safely wrapped and packed. I will enjoy using it!


Kind regards,


Susan Siddell

Nov 4 2017


Thank You for fast shipping!

Beautiful candles, awesome incenses and Nard oil.  I have been used 1 candle each ni to pray. I surely will order again, especially precious candle. .. So much appreciate and I'm so glad to know your Website. Anyone unable to go to Holy Sepulchre and West Wall, you can help ---- I suggest you post in your Website too; so people know. .. your services will be grateful!


kim 10/2017

I received my package! I didn't know it was coming directly from Israel!!! What a blessing! (S.Vigers, Texas July 25 2017)

Hello again

The sandals have arrived and they fit! 😊 very pleased with them.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes
Sara               6/2017   Manchester/ United Kingdom

Hi Sam,

 I wanted to let you know that the sandals arrived today and they are perfect!

 A big thank you for your excellent service, I really appreciate it.

 Thank you again

Michelle D. (Israel) 6/2017

Hello Sam:)
It's Erin. Thank you so much. I received my package:) thank you so much again for accommodating me!! And my mother said thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers. You are a dear heart. (Erin D, Rutledge, Tennessee, 6/2017)




I received my order yesterday. I loved the rosaries & candles!!  Just perfect. 


I had bought one of those rosaries when I was in Jerusalem last month & so happy I found them on your site!


And the incense reminds me of being in the Holy Land!!  


Thank you. I will be ordering more!! 


Joann T. 6/2017


I received my order.

Thank your very much! !

I love everything! 

God bless Israel! Janet B.  March 14 2017  (Virginia USA)

Good Morning Sam,

 We received the crosses in the mail and they look great! I have been so pleased with our orders and especially with your prompt service.

 God Bless,

 Camille W.          Feb 28 2017  
Winona, MN USA

Thank you so very much for the gorgeous crucifix and rosary beads! These
purchases came the day before my grandson's confirmation. He loved them! The
workmanship is exquisite! We greatly appreciate all that you did on our
 God Bless You and your workers for the beautiful craftsmanship and delivery
of these very cherished holy items!   David & Teresa (Pennsylvania USA Feb 25, 2017)


Sam I received  my sandal, it fits perfect, it looks  very  strong, I love it.  I might order another pair, but a different  colour, it was worth  the wait.  Thank you.  I am blessed! Donna M.  Jamaica (23.2.17)


Dear Sam,

I have received the pendants, those are very beautiful. Surprisingly, it has Jerusalem souvenir along with a sand and a cross. Thank you for that too....It means alot to me. Thank you so much. ....It will make many people happy back in India. 

Best wishes for your shop and to your family.


Yogi   (India, 20.2.17)


Hi Sam, 

Today, I have picked up the parcel at the post office. It has arrived prontly. All is ok.
Many thanks for all. I'm glad to have a little piece of Holy Land at home. Sergio A. (Feb 11 2017) Barcelona, Spain


I love your sandals and I told my friends about them. Even my shoemaker
knows about them. I also love Jesus and would love to come to Jerusalem one
day. God willing. God bless you. (Giulia Bastoni, 2/2017) Victoria, Australia


Thank you my order has arrived and I am very pleased with my sandals.

Maria C. (N.S.W Australia) 18/1/2017


Hi,  I thought I'd let you know that the sandals I ordered from you for my husband arrived a few days before Christmas and gave me enough time to wrap them up and place them under the Christmas tree.  They turned out to be a perfect fit and also a complete surprise for my husband who is very happy with them.  This particular order is, so far, the only on-line order I have been completely happy with.  Thank you.

Regards, Anne T. (17/1/17)

Greetings Sam

Package has arrived.  Thank you for the little extras and for the fabulous items all received with grateful hearts and much appreciation to the craftsperson/people.



Jacqui Ch. (NZ , 7/1/2016)


Hi.  Just received the package. I was so excited. Love everything in it.  Thanks ALOT.  Loved the little wooden cross you send attached to your business card.  I put it on right away. Thanks for always answering my e-mails in a timely manner and for your pacience.  Happy Three Kings Day.  We celebrate that today. ( Dennise Fontanez, Jan 2017)


thank you so much I finally got it it came today God bless will be ordering again from you ! Tiffany R.  31/12/2016


Dear Samuel

The sandals I ordered from you arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled! Not only are they a work of art, they are attractive and robust! I have searched high and low for such a Sandal having bought my last two pairs in South Africa over 16 years ago. Thank you for your beautiful workmanship and high quality product.

Wishing you G_d's greatest blessing in the coming year.
Kirsten D. (Dec 28 2016)


Hi Sam!

thanks a lot for the things! I already received. Beautiful!

Have a good day!

Agnieszka / Poland 02/12/2016

How nice to finally get my order arrived ... thank you for everything you
have done with me !!! We feel the next !!!

The sandals are beautiful !!! Thank you...               Nov 2016


you work very professionally,  we will have long-term cooperation! Thank you very much.!! Kim   (Viet Nam) Oct 16


 Just received the handbag and love it! Colour is fine and it's just a beautifully crafted bag. I will order again.  Thank you again....

Aug  8 2016

Dear Holyland4Jesus Team!

My order arrived today. Thank you for the careful packing - everything came
through fine except for the
="Myrrh" | Papa Andrea | Jerusalem (pa1p2)= which leaked. Apparently the
stopper under the lid is not tight enough. However, it didn't leak very
much, and the oil remained in the one package, but it was enough that the
entire box smelled lovely and our home, too, after unpacking it. :-)

At any rate, we are very happy with our order and also appreciate the extra
small gifts you enclosed.

THANK YOU and may you continue successfully with your work.

Cathryn                July 25 2016  

Aloha Sam,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the clay lamps and all are in tact (no damages).  Thanks so much; they're perfect and we look forward to using these at our convention and will definitely keep you in mind for orders in the future.  It has been a pleasure working with you!






Sehr geehrter Herr Samuel Friedman !

Packet habe ich von Ihnen   erhalten.
Vielen Dank auch für beigelegten Geschenk ! Ich freue mich
Gott Sege Sie.

Zdenka Valis,
Schweiz     June 10 2016

Hello Samuel,


Thank you. I received my scarf. I'm happy with my product. Thank you.


Job Mukadi

Pastor                     June 10 2016

my items arrived today, they are beautiful,thank you so much for the extra
gift of soil and cross.
god bless you.

with kind regards
Amanda Robinson  (May 23 2016)

Dear Mr. Friedman,

I have received my order and I am very pleased. The oils are wonderful and
the candles are amazing. Thank you for the extra gift. God Bless.

Bridget DeVito  April 2016

I received the crucifixes in the mail and they look great. I so appreciate your help with this order and will keep your company in mind for future purchases.

 Have a wonderful day!

 God Bless,

 Camille Withrow

Diocese of Winona

Merry Christmas to my brother and sisters in Jerusalem.  Thank you ! so much for my parcel arriving so quickly for me from the Holy Land. I will cherished  these beautiful artwork for life till our good lord takes me home to glory with him. Also my oils how beautiful and divine it smells . Everything is so beautiful . I got my parcel here on the 22nd of December quick service. I ask you all to pray for me as I will pray for you all in Jerusalem.  I will surely order from you again & May god bless you all in Jerusalem. Shalom!


Hi from Australia,


Just letting you know that my sandals arrived today, and that I am pleased with them. I will definitely buy again from you.


Regards and have a nice day.     Sharon

Merry Christmas ! Mr. Friedman. I was so pleased with my order I made from Jerusalem , I got my order on the 22nd of December very fast service . Such beautiful artwork and my anointing oils smelling so beautiful and divine the oils especially the nard oil and the rest reminds of the old church day's when I was little in Liberia west  Africa with my grandmother in church.The priest use to pass the incense around in church and you smell the holiness within the church and really good church those days. I reside here in the US. now and I will surely order from your store in Jerusalem again. Mr. Friedman do you Know where I can get Holy scented rosary beads blessed by the priest in Jerusalem? Please let me know or you can e-mail me. Thank you! very much . I will definitely order from your store again in Jerusalem . Keep me in prayers' as I will pray for you all in Jerusalem. May God bless you all .Shalom! Ps. I pray I will come to see the Holy Land someday. Maybe I can come to your store in person someday by the grace of God.

I wanted to thank Sam for sending the leaves! They arrived in great condition and are just what I wanted; I am in the process of preserving them now. Do you receive other requests for olive leaves? I am wondering if I’m the only person that ever asked, but can’t think so because they are very special. Thank you SO MUCH for agreeing to pick the leaves and taking the trouble to send them.


  Becky Freitag   


I am a consumer of Japan.
Goods of your store arrived.
I am very satisfied with this article.
Thank you Samuel Friedman.

From: Paula Jenkins   


I love my sandals... They fit perfect! The quality and beauty of the shoe
was far more than I imagined. I am 200% pleased! The shipping time was
awesome And
I will be ordering again! Thank you! Thank you and Thank you!
When will you make sandals for kids? You are truly a master of your craft!

Yours truly

Dear Samuel
My Sister and I would like to say Thankyou for our beautiful Sandals...we are 110% happy with them???the craftsmanship is just amazing and we will be recommending you business to all our friends....
Thankyou once again Samuel...
Yours faithfully Sue and Bea Tierney.  

  From: Anne Lamson


I just received the gifts that I purchased from your store website & they
are all beautiful.

Thank you for everything! I also appreciate the small wooden cross that
you've sent me...what a very nice gesture.

God bless you!


From: Anne Das  


I just wanted to thank you soo much for the safe delivery of both my
parcels.       I really love the items I received.   They will and are
appreciated.    Thank you for the service you perform for US, I would have
loved to visit Israel but as  it now seems very unlikely I once again thank
you for making it possible for me to get a little from your Holy Land.   
Sincerely.     Anne. Das.


Dear Sam,
Thank you so very much for the Jesus tiles they were far more than we
expected. The quality was tremendous. We will be buying more items from
you in the near future. Everything was well worth the wait.
Thank you and God Bless
Tammy and James Farias


From: Susan Smith


Hi just wanted to say thank you. I received my sandals today, really fast
considering how far they traveled, they are beautiful. I'll definitely tell
my friends to buy their next sandals from you. Peace and love

Amen, what a blessing it is to know that Holyland4Jesus strives to provide excellent customer service.  Thank you so much for the update and I look forward to purchasing many, many more from your business.





 it was totally worth it i love those sandals!!! 

and also wanna thank you for the lovely present the wooden heard!!!! so sweet of you!!!

 thank you for the fast handling of my order and your help!!!

 i wish you and your business all the best and probably i will order again when i'm in need of new sandals!!!!

 best wishes and greetings from mike and ulli the netherlands!!!!!


  I received my order today and I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I love my items and was brought to tears when the extras were in there as well.  You truly touched my heart.  Thank you and God Bless you.
Lisa Harper
Happy Customer 


 From: Jeffrey Hunt


My sandals (js8ec) arrived today, and I had to write and compliment you on
the quality of these shoes. My original intent was to wear them for everyday
but they are nice enough to wear most anywhere, like a dressy causal
occasion...I am very pleased, and you have surpassed my expectations. I will
be a repeat customer! Thanks again.

 From: Gabrielle Beirne  



I recently purchased a pair of rosary beads from you, which have both
arrived today.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for such beautiful beads, fast (and
free) delivery and for including a beautiful little package with soil,
crucifix and leaf that I was suprised to find. Even the packaging was really
lovely. I'm delighted with such a brilliant service and hope to shop with
you for years to come.

God bless and thanks again!

- Gabrielle

 Dear Sam- I just wanted to thank you for your quick work- the sandals are lovely and it was a pleasure working with you- Thank you!  (Christopher Verdosci- S>F> Opera

Dear Sam,

We may never meet but you will be remembered as a true Man of God in my eyes. Going beyond any help that a sales person has ever done for me and mine. Whatever your faith you will be remembered in my prayers with thanks for all you have done.

God Bless


 I received the order today. I LOVE THEM!!! I went to your Holy Land 4 months ago and bought these same items but my friends fall in love with them, specially the scarf and I gave it away so I need it to have it back :)

I will keep buying from you. God bless you! Thanks you!!!

cristina wiens

 I just got my order today and everything was great!! You guys are awesome it was like it came from next door that was how excellent the condition was. Thank you for everything!

Gerogianni Maria


May God Bless and keep you and yours safe always. I received the Jerusalem Cross I ordered for my mother, who is in the hospital on Christmas Eve. Words cannot describe howhappy she was. I would like to also tell you how beautiful this cross is and the workmanship is magnificent. Namaste!

Christine Desena



Thank you, and God Bless You. I gave one to my friend right before a cancer treatment and she has received healing and His Presence in a mighty way while praying with the shawl. Thank you so much for doing this for others. May God Bless you abundantly. Amen

Connie Jones

 Dear Sam,

The shawls arrived in India yesterday in good condition and also a special thanks for the little wooden crosses included in our packages. It was very thoughtful of you. We may need to order a few more of these shawls for India. It has generated some interest when it arrived. So will let you know when we send the money and the other details.

Thank you and Marianne again for your efforts in everything.

Have a nice day,


 Thank you so much, your customer service is outstanding a refreshing change from the norm.

  1. Correa

 The parcel arrived this morning! Thanks so much for checking-in, Sam. The sandals look great, I'm excited to use them.

 I appreciate your service very much! Have a great day.


Kristin Y.



My order arrived today. I am so happy! Everything is beautiful, absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much. G-D bless,

Lauren Z.