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St. George Holy Oil

St. George Holy Oil

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The original Holy Oil from St. George Church, Lydda (Lod) 

10 ml of olive oil that is being placed on St. George Tomb, down the church basement.  Oil and myrrh are poured on the top as a Tama to the saint and given out as a blessing to pilgrims.

Bottle size 2 inches, 5 cm. Only here! Free shipping 

Photo by D. Arnon

St George Holy Oil

The St George healing oil is dedicated to the martyr that died on April 23 303 A.D. The oil is from St. George's tomb at Lydda, Israel.

The Holy Oil is collected from the Holy Tomb and filled into tiny bottles. Each bottle of oil has been blessed at the Holy St George Church in Lydda (LOD) 

George was born to Gerontios and Polychronia.  He was a Roman officer and she was a Greek native of Lydda. Both were Christians from noble families of the Anici.  George was raised to follow their faith.

When George was old enough, he was welcomed into Diocletian’s army. by his late 20’s, George became a Tribunus and served as an imperial guard for the Emperor at Nicomedia.

On February 24, 303 A.D., Diocletian, who hated Christians, announced that every Christian the army passed would be arrested and every other soldier should offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods.

After saving the town, the citizens abandoned their paganism and were all converted to Christianity.

On April 23, 303 A.D., George was decapitated before Nicomedia’s outer wall. His body was sent to Lydda for burial, and other Christians went to honor George as a martyr.

There are several stories about George fighting dragons but in the Western version, a dragon or crocodile made its nest at a spring that provided water to Silene, believed to be modern-day Cyrene in Libya.

The people were unable to collect water and so attempted to remove the dragon from its nest on several occasions. It would temporarily leave its nest when they offered it a sheep each day until the sheep disappeared and the people were distraught.

This was when they decided that a maiden would be just as effective as sending a sheep. The townspeople chose the victim by drawing straws. This continued until one day the princess’ straw was drawn.

The monarch begged for her to be spared but the people would not have it. She was offered to the dragon, but before she could be devoured, George appeared. He faced the dragon, protected himself with the sign of the Cross, and slayed the dragon.

After saving the town, the citizens abandoned their paganism and were all converted to Christianity.

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