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A Blessed Cloth by the Holy Anointing Stone

A Blessed Cloth by the Holy Anointing Stone

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Original © Service! - Pure white delicate shawl, touched and blessed by the Holy Stone of the Unction at the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem. In addition to receiving your special anointed item, you will be giving a blessing as well. We are proud to be supporters of the Saint Vincent's Home for Children with Special Needs, Ein Karem, Jerusalem, which opens its doors to disabled children from all religions. "


I received my shawl & at first hesitated to remove it from the wrapping. How could I deserve to touch such a Holy Sacramental? To be so close to the tortured, crucified Body & Blood of our Lord Jesus?!? But It is truly so precious that how could I not want to be so close to Him?? Other than the Holy Eucharist, as Sue has already said, this cloth brings Him close to me in a very tangible way...any time I want to feel it! :)
This is by far the most sacred Item in my possession...along with the Rosary that you kindly sent me, also touched to the Stone.
I am eternally grateful for your ministry here & I keep you in my daily prayers always! J
ennifer DeFillippo

Thank you, and God Bless You. I gave one to my friend right before a cancer treatment and she has received healing and His Presence in a mighty way while praying with the shawl. Thank you so much for doing this for others. May God Bless you abundantly. Amen

Connie Jones 

My friends had their shawls delivered safely yesterday and are so pleased with them, saying how beautiful and precious they are and such a wonderful gift for Easter.I have seen them and they look even better than they do in the photographs. Thank you for the extras you thoughtfully included. For those of us who will probably never have the opportunity to travel to theHoly Land your service is such a blessing. May God reward you for all you do lovingly and prayerfully for so many people. You will always be in our prayers. In love and gratitude from me and from my friends.(Eva Maria S.-Birmingham, UK, 4.2011)

"I received the shawl touched to the Holy Stone where Our Lord's own Body lay. It is apart from my Bible the most precious of sacramentals. I could not even think of being able to obtain such a treasure if it were not for your dearest friend. When I feel a longing for Our Lord I touch this precious shawl and knowing it has been placed where Our Lord laid, it is as close as I can get apart from receiving the Eucharist, to touching and holding Jesus" - Sue Burton,

A thank you letter from St. Vincent - Home for kids with special needs, Ein Karem, Jerusalem:

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